May 012010

To continue the dialog about capturing tacit knowledge and managing human capital, Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC) represents a significant challenge for the United States military to continue operations without compromising mission activities and the soldier in theater. Due to a BRAC move many Commands will be transferring to other locations, while some bases will be closing. Many military personnel will not transition as these bases close and commands move to the new locations. This will undoubtedly cause a loss of personnel resulting in a loss of tacit and explicit knowledge. Leveraging knowledge management (KM) to address this challenge is essential to keep the various commands  fully operational and effective for the solider in theater. The following table represents some contributing factors of a BRAC and it’s effect on the Command:

This challenge has to be addressed and I welcome your comments on this important subject.

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  1. I am a novice KM researcher with the Army. Am I correct in stating that it is hard to fully apply KM strategies with competion for budget dollars between groups in the Army being so aggressive? Not only do people hoard useful knowledge, they are afraid if it becomes exposed they might get accused of loafing. W. Edwards Demming too was vocal on vilifying competition in the work place.

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