Anthony Rhem of A.J.Rhem & Associates

Anthony J. Rhem, PhD

Dr. Rhem serves as the President/Principal Consultant of A.J. Rhem & Associates, Inc., a privately held Information Systems Integration and Training firm located in Chicago, Illinois.

Anthony is an Information Systems professional with more than thirty (30) years of experience, focused on implementation of major application systems. Anthony is also a published author, and educator, presenting the application and theory of Software Engineering Methodologies, Knowledge Management, and Artificial Intelligence.

Anthony’s latest book UML for Developing Knowledge Management Systems is a source for assisting organizations to understand knowledge management, and how to incorporate knowledge into a software system for dissemination across the organization.

He also has another book to be released on Knowledge Management in Practice.

Anthony currently serves as the Director of Research Programs and Professor at The Knowledge Systems Institute – Master of Science Knowledge Management Program.

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