Jan 112017
Answers to Pressing KM Questions

As we enter into 2017, I am dedicating this first blog post to answering some of the pressing KM questions presented by my clients. Do you recommend any standard model of KM to follow/implement? If so, please describe the model in summary. There are several models of KM that I have worked with at various […]

Dec 152016
Creating a Client Advantage - Knowledge Management in Law Firms

Legal knowledge management is the driving force within law firms across the globe. The recent International Bar Association (IBA) conference in Washington DC attracted over 6000 legal professionals from around the world and Knowledge Management (KM) was prominently featured at the conference. In an article by Ron Friedmann of Fireman & Company in Bloomberg Law […]

Nov 302016
Knowledge Management Roles, Responsibilities and Core Competencies

Over the last several weeks I have been in conversations with colleagues and clients about what are the specific Knowledge Management (KM) roles that are essential for a KM project and/or program to succeed. Since there could be a myriad of the types of KM projects that can be initiated, the roles needed to successfully execute […]

Oct 272016
Establishing a Central Knowledge Management Office (CKMO)

The Central Knowledge Management Office (CKMO) is comprised of Senior Management and Core Team members and is the vehicle for implementing and keeping under review the KM initiatives that will be championed by the organization. The CKMO will support KM innovation, and enhance individual and organizational performance, by delivering improved learning, collaboration, and knowledge sharing […]

Aug 312016
Knowledge Management in Practice

Knowledge is recognized as a valuable asset in organizations across many industries. How knowledge is shared, leveraged, obtained and managed will be the difference in how successful and sustainable an organization will become. This book is a culmination of my years of experience within the knowledge management (KM) discipline. Since 1998 I have been involved […]

Jul 312016
The Need for Knowledge Management Mentoring

I want to start this blog post by asking a question. Question: Once you complete a training class, a college course, and/or a seminar are you then ready right away to apply what you’ve learned to effectively do your job? I believe in 90% of the cases that answer is NO! So how do we […]

Jun 302016
Information Architecture and the Value of Content Modeling

Content modeling is a powerful tool for fostering communication and alignment between User Experience (UX) design, editorial, and technical resources on a Information Architecture effort. By clearly defining the content domains, content types, content attributes (metadata) and relationships, we can make sure that the envisioned content strategy becomes a reality for the content creators. The […]

Mar 312016
Being a Better Leader!

Earlier this month I had an opportunity to examine my leadership style in order to learn more about my leadership characteristics. I took the leadership assessment test created by Lee Bolman and Terrence Deal in Reframing Organizations. The Leadership Orientations assessment is keyed to four different conceptions of organizations and of the task of organizational leadership. […]

Feb 292016
KM, Big Data and a Moonshot!

On January 12, 2016 in his State of the Union address, President Obama called for America to become “the country that cures cancer once and for all” As he introduced the “Moonshot” initiative that will be guided by Vice President Joe Biden. Dr. Tom Coburn, former Republican Senator from the state of Oklahoma and three […]