Sep 192015
Contextual Intelligence, KM and Big Data

This all started during a conversation I had with a colleague (Baron Murdock of GreenBox Ventures, LLC) and he mentioned the term Contextual Intelligence. Due to the fact that we were talking about knowledge management and big data I believe that I understood what he was talking about. However, I had never heard of the […]

Sep 182015
The Five (5) Ingredients of Successful Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Early this month on a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Greenville South Carolina I read an article in the Southwest The Magazine, by Katie Rich entitled “Comedy of Errors, Five lessons on teamwork and failure from the halls of Saturday Night Live”. After reading this article I began to think about how the lessons […]

Jul 282015
Excerpt From KM in Practice: KM and Big Data

Big Knowledge! Knowledge Management and Big Data – Excerpt from Chapter 14: Knowledge Management in Practice: A goal of knowledge management is to capture and share knowledge wherever it resides in the organization. Leveraging the corporate collective know-how will improve decision making and innovation where it is needed. The proliferation of data, information and knowledge […]

May 292015
Excerpts From Knowledge Management in Practice

Over the next few months I will be posting excerpts from my latest book Knowledge Management in Practice. Today’s post is from Chapter 15 Drinking the KM Kool-Aid: Knowledge Management Adoption: “Drinking the KM Kool-Aid” is a metaphor to indicate the adoption of Knowledge Management (program, policies, procedures and the methods and systems that enable […]

Apr 182015
Information Architecture (IA) and the Internet of Things (IoT)

A lot has been said about the next big movement … the Internet of Things (IoT). Simply, IoT is a massive network of connected devices and/or objects (which also includes people). The relationship will be people-to-people, people-to-devices, and devices-to-devices. These devices will have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. The IoT will […]

Feb 282015
KM and Wearable Tech

With all of the advances in technology becoming accessories for us to wear, have you thought about all of the information that is at your fingertips! Fitbits, Applie Watch, Google Glasses and more… all deliver and collect information that allow us to make personal decisions during the course of the day. What to eat, drink, […]

Jan 312015
Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

After a year hiatus, I am back facilitating the flow of knowledge through the Knowledge Management Depot. During my absence we had concluded 2013 in KM which presented, an increase of social media tools being incorporated in the workplace, the rise of analytics and BIG Data to tie KM to actionable business results,  and knowledge […]

Dec 312013
Leveraging Faceted Search

In my upcoming publication Knowledge Management in Practice I detail search in a chapter called “Dude Where’s my Car: Utilizing Search in KM”. At the KM World Taxonomy Boot Camp I spoke about Utilizing Ontologies for Taxonomy & Content Organization and during this discussion there were questions concerning faceted search. Before the year ends (literally) I wanted […]