As part of a comprehensive Human Capital Management Strategy an understanding of the roles, work products (artifacts), and tasks (activities) are key for persons on-boarding and/or gaining understanding of what is required for a particular job. It is important for any organization to not only identify the corporate roles, tasks and work products but to also provide the necessary guidance around this aspect of the corporate structure. In doing so creating an environment in which all employees can go to for the specific role knowledge is essential. One way I found to accomplish this is to utilize the Eclipse Process Framework . This framework provided by the Eclipse Foundation will enable your organization to build a knowledge base of corporate roles, the tasks that each role performs, the work products that are produced along with the guidance (i.e., whitepapers, templates, FAQ’s, key contacts, PowerPoint presentations, video, audio, etc.).

For a moment consider the value of having such an environment and its many uses. Some that immediately come to mind is being able to quickly have a new person filling a role to come up to speed and create assigned deliverables. Or, perhaps having a repository of “knowledge nuggets” supplied by the experience people in that role that can serve as repository to capture worker knowledge, which will lead to performing that role more effectively and efficiently. This will undoubtedly lead to increased performance within the workforce.

Let me know what you think. More strategy “tid bits” to come.

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