My congratulations go out to our President-elect Barack Obama. He is not only our next President, he is my neighbor, and someone I have supported since his campaign for U.S. Senate. As many of you know the Obama campaign’s use of the Internet has been the fuel for its message of change. Their strategy leveraged the latest in Web 2.0 technology, which is the catalyst for the new generation of Knowledge Management. Incorporating the use of blogs, YouTube, and other social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin) the Obama team was able to push out the latest news, information and knowledge about every aspect of the campaign. This increased the involvement of every supporter enabling them to feel a part of the campaign from start to finish. Supporters received text messages and emails at every turn encouraging them to hold parties with friends to “get out the vote”, and donate their time and yes their money.

Leveraging the Internet (Knowledge Management) in a precise strategic manner that supports the mission of the Obama Campaign (Organization) is exactly how all organizations leveraging knowledge management (getting the right knowledge to the right people at the right time) should position this evolving paradigm. I believe that many political organizations will study what the Obama campaign did in utilizing knowledge management and the Internet to successfully run and energise a campaign. Undoubtedly this will become a new trend in American politics.

As many of you know President-elect Obama and his team did not shut down all of this infrastructure once the election ended. This infrastructure is still in place and running to keep the momentum behind the movement alive and to keep the nation informed on what our government is doing and why. At the end of the day President Obama knows that he and his administration will be held accountable for moving our nation forward, correcting this ever evolving economic mess, resolving our current and future conflicts, and restoring the world’s faith in our country. Knowledge Management has become an essential part of many government agencies. In the coming weeks I will highlight many of these existing programs. I welcome your comments.

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