Chicago Tech Academy

I had the pleasure of attending an exciting event for the Chicago Academy for Advance Technology (CAAT) on Friday March 6 2009.

This event was a student lottery, selecting the first 150 students for its inaugural class starting August 2009

This is the first high school of its kind, a part of the Chicago Public School system, that provides its students with the opportunity to learn state-of-the-art technology, shadow executives, and be mentored all the way through high school.

This institution is supported by many local businesses and entrepreneurs as well as major corporations (IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle, too name a few), school officials, and government representatives, including Mayor Richard J. Daley, Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan, and President Barack Obama.

Being a technology advocate for many years, speaking to high school and college students about the opportunities that focusing on computer science and engineering will bring, it brought me considerable joy to see a room full of enthusiastic young people and their parents being excited about their selection into this high school. Please join me in supporting this institution and its students as they represent the future of our country and our ability to compete technologically in a global economy.

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