Over the last couple of days, I had the pleasure of attending the Knowledge Management 2009 Conference and Exhibition in Washington DC. This conference focused on KM in the government and included representatives from many government agencies and most notable the military. I specifically enjoyed seminars around Federal CKO Perspectives, Storytelling as a way to transfer knowledge, KM Cafe facilitated by the Knowledge Management Institute, Knowledge Retention strategies, Government 2.0 with KM, and Developing a National Knowledge Innovation Policy.

In addition, this conference introduced me to the Federal Knowledge Management Working Group. Part of the vision of this group is to establish federal knowledge management policy, supporting knowledge strategy alignment, knowledge management practices, knowledge retention policies, change management, and the establishment of a Federal Knowledge Management Center and Federal Chief Knowledge Officer. All of these initiatives are ones that I fully support and it is my desire to support this working group in the successful execution of these initiatives. To know more about this organization review their website at https://sites.google.com/site/fmwgroupnasa/home.

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