diversity and politicsI know it has been some time since my last posting. Since then, one significant event in particular has occurred that was foreseen on the horizon; is that we now have a Republican controlled House. With this control comes a new found revelation (as if this is new) that there must be a sharing of power and the willingness to collaborate to move this country forward.

I personally see the fact that collaboration is something that has been forced to happen as a good thing! This should have been the mode of operation from day one.

President Obama came into office with the mantra of change and the notion of working “across the aisle” to bring about this change and to bring a new perspective in the way we govern.

Now it is time for everyone to open their minds to the possibilities of the diversity of thought this new found collaboration can bring. Is the latest tax compromise a glimpse into the type of results that can come from this era of collaboration? Is this tax compromise good for the country? Will this collaboration continue? It is my hope that the results of collaboration and leveraging the diversity of thought in our political arena will be a catalyst for the type change we believed we were getting when this new administration came into office.

I welcome your thoughts….

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