It is my opinion that the best use of Twitter is centered on information dissemination. I’m not referring to the myriad of useless gibberish about the time you woke up, or what you ate for dinner or the fact you had a hard time finding your shoes in the morning. What I am referring to is information on events, relevant news from the people you follow, situations that are rapidly evolving, and opinions on relevant happenings.
Twitter has the ability to call into action a massive amount of people in a limited amount of time for any cause or purpose. It can also be harmful by propagating negative and erroneous information that is difficult to recover from. Information dissemination on this platform must be used wisely. This power to share must be handled with a sense of privilege and responsibility. From a negative perspective we have seen more and more often; our tweets, has cause loss of jobs, lawsuits, and some cases public outrage. However, the positive aspects of increase awareness, promoting ideas, launching careers, entertaining, bringing people together for a cause, outweigh the negative impacts of Twitter and it has become a major part of many organization’s social media strategy.
What I’m interested in is what everyone out here thinks about Twitter and its power to influence, rally the masses, and make a difference in our society as a whole. I believe that this is a valuable tool and can serve as a catalyst in letting the world know what we are thinking!


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