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National Day of Labor

National Day of LaborI have requested that President Obama call for a “National Day of Labor “, THIS LABOR DAY. He should have a summit on Labor Day and invite the largest 1000 corporations in America. He should ask each of the top 1000 companies to pledge to hire at least 1000 new employees, in the United States, by the end of the year. These pledged jobs should be posted on a national federal “Job Bank “website.
The president should institute a Jobs credit for all employees hired by the end of the year of  10%. He should offer a  15% credit for anyone hired in the month of September. The employee has to keep his job for at least 1 year in order for the employer to get the credit.
Additionally the president should ask every employer in the United States to hire at least 1 person by the end of the year. The job credit would be available to all employers. Any employer who pledges to hire at least 50 employees should be included in the national Job bank website.
This is an opportunity for the president to lead on the jobs issue.  I believe that this leap of faith will get America back to work and set the economy on fire. The key is that all the top employers need to hold hands and jump off the cliff at the same time. If they do so they will reap tenfold what they pledge, and create enormous wealth. The effort should be bipartisan. Those corporations and individuals who refuse to participate will be conspicuous by their absence.
President Obama or Congress did not layoff the 15 Million Unemployed Americans, corporate America layed them off, and it is high time that they hire them back.
I just watched a program that showed the pictures of the 30 American soldiers who lost their lives when their helicopter was shot out of the sky in Afghanistan. These soldiers and thousands of others have lost their lives in these and other wars protecting “vital American interest”. We all know these are vital corporate interest, so they can expand their international operations, while at the same time closing plants and laying off American workers. It is time that they repay the American people for all we have done for them, Hire Americans!
Howard Hill, CPA
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