High Impact Talent ManagementTalent Management is often referred to Human Capital Management. Many organizations are faced with the problem of retaining talent as well as capturing the knowledge of the talent as it moves in and out of the organization.
Knowledge Management (KM) plays an important role in converting individual knowledge into corporate knowledge making it available to be cataloged and shared throughout the organization.
As part of a comprehensive KM strategy applied to Human Capital Management it is vital to establish a program that is executed when staff enters your organization and continues until the time that staff member leaves the organization.
How is this accomplished? Initially through employee orientation, establishing a mentor/protégé relationship, mapping their roles, responsibilities and their work products to the specific duties that are being performed, and executing a comprehensive exit interview. These are all aspects of a KM strategy aimed at moving your human capital to corporate capital.
This strategy does not begin and end here! As staff members evolve in their roles, the sharing, and cataloging of knowledge continues through the use of Communities of Practice (Cops), the creation of knowledge repositories, capturing lessons learned, and instituting a culture that values life-long learning and sharing of knowledge.
Getting started with a KM strategy entails a collective visioning as to how sharing knowledge can enhance organizational performance, and the reaching of a consensus among the senior management of the organization that the course of action involved in sharing knowledge will in fact be pursued. Implicit in such a process is a set of decisions about the particular variety of knowledge management activities that the organization intends to pursue, including how the knowledge assets of the organization will be leveraged and the execution of the process and tools that will enable sharing and innovation to occur.
Here are a couple of links to additional information to kick start the process of effectively managing your human capital: Human Capital Management – Capturing Worker KnowledgeThe Case for Human Capital Management, Human Capital Institute, The Benefits of Effective Human Capital Management.
I look forward to your comments and understanding how your organization is tackling this Human Capital Management Challenge!
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