knowledge management power directedIf knowledge is power, then knowledge management is “Power Directed”!

The essence of Knowledge Management comes through when we share what we know. When applied in its various forms (tacit and explicit) as well as in the specific types of knowledge (procedural, and propositional/declarative) it can have a lasting effect. The power being directed when leveraging knowledge management not only comes from sharing what we know but also from being experts in our chosen field. Being an expert in your field will distinguish you as a thought leader and key knowledge holder. These experts are to be utilized whenever possible and will be the catalyst for keeping order, providing effective decision making, and enabling organizations and its people to be successful.

If the recent NFL Referee strike and subsequent settlement taught us anything, it is that expertise counts and knowledge is power. In order to settle the NFL Referee strike that power (the referees knowledge and expertise) became the catalyst to drive the NFL Owners to come to an agreement.

In this season of political change throughout the world as seen through the Occupy Movement, and now the pending US Presidential elections, sharing knowledge and acting on this knowledge will influence the world for generations to come.

Briefing soldiers through lessons learned when one group returns from a mission to be replaced by another; when a parent teaches their children those “life lessons” from their experience; in the preparedness, response, and recovery by emergency personnel when a crisis or natural disaster strikes; in understanding what knowledge is needed to drive organizational decision making and response to customers; and when researchers combine what they know in order to discover cures and/or treatment to disease and sickness (I can go on and on!) are all examples of Power Directed! These examples illustrate the power of knowing and directing knowledge has the power to shape the world in which we live.

I am interested in hearing how you have directed your knowledge to make a positive change, provided an impact to your organization, and/or enhancing the knowledge of someone else to provide direction and/or to assist that person in making decisions.

Remember, knowledge itself cannot not exhibit power until it is put to use.

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