Big Data in knowledge management

In my last post regarding Big Data I posed two questions:

  • What is your experience with Big Data?
  • Are you like most of us determining what Big Data really means to me and my organization?

As it pertains to Knowledge Management (KM) and Big Data within organizations, the advancement of search technologies on Big Data is making an impact. In KM World’s 100 companies that matter in KM, they point out that Search Technologies’ ability to implement, service, and manage Big Data environments is the key reason for their inclusion. The “findability” of information and knowledge within large amounts of unstructured data contribute to the ability to disseminate and reuse the knowledge of the enterprise.

Besides Search Technologies, there are several companies offering KM solutions to address Big Data. Some of these companies include:

  • CACI which offers solutions and services to go from data to decisions
  • Autonomy (an HP Company) offers KM solutions that mine unstructured data, tag this data and where appropriate make it available to the knowledge base
  • IBM who offers a Big Data platform that includes KM to address Big Data’s vast amount of unstructured data.

As organizations learn more about Big Data and how to manage, and use and reuse the vast amounts of information and knowledge it provides, more software and consulting companies will provide the products and solutions organizations are looking for.

Where is Big Data going?

A recent Gartner Report stated that “Many global organisations have failed to implement a data management strategy but will have to as IT leaders need to support big data volumes, velocity, and variety,” as well as “decisions from big data projects for decision support, and insights in the context of their role and job function, will expand from 28 per cent of users in 2011 to 50 per cent in 2014.”

Big Data will be the catalyst for an increase in the need for Data, Information and Knowledge Management expertise. We will need Big Knowledge Management to address Big Data!

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