Sharepoint as a collaboration toolSince my last post, I had taken a brief hiatus to work on a few publishing projects and conference presentations and now I’m back and will be making more blog post over the next couple of weeks. During my brief hiatus I have heard about more about SharePoint (specifically SharePoint 2013) than I really want to know! So, this has prompted me to write about SharePoint as a collaboration tool and solicit the thoughts of my blog viewers on this subject.

For the majority of the clients I am working with, the SharePoint platform serves as the mechanism where collaboration takes place. In the SharePoint environment, collaboration sites such as wikis, discussion boards and blogs serve as ways teams share information and knowledge. Most teams have created team pages and document libraries where specific documents and other content (spreadsheets, images, video, PowerPoint presentation, etc.) are worked on and shared with specific members of the team.

Part of collaboration infrastructure on the SharePoint platform is the use of automated workflows. The automated workflows are leveraged to facilitate the maintenance of content (information and knowledge), which consist of creating, updating and review/approval of content before it is published in the knowledge base.

SharePoint 2013 offers a more robust platform (than previous versions) to connect and share with the people across your organization as they work on the myriad of problems and projects within the enterprise. The question remains is SharePoint the optimal tool within your organization to share knowledge? For those upgrading… are you convinced that SharePoint 2013 is the right solution for you? Finally what have been your challenges using, upgrading, or integrating with SharePoint?

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