Wearable Tech3In the previous post I left off with questions regarding wearable tech and where it’s taking us. If you think about it for a minute all of the data that our wearable tech is collecting is all about us! This personal knowledge needs a way to be managed and secure.

Let’s start with trying to answer the questions I presented in the last post:


Will our physicians have the capability to tap into all of this personal information?

Between sensors in running shoes designed to track performance, Google Glasses for operating, Fitbit, and FUEL bands that collect health data about you and companies such as Augmedix providing data management and display system for doctors, to handle and access the electronic health data when they need it – I say YES our physicians have the capability to tap into this information (Healthcare and Wearable Tech)

How about potential advertisers?

According to a Bloomberg Business July 2014 article  advertisers are already devising ways to deliver marketing messages directly to people who have wearable tech (watches, glasses and headgear). This is yet another platform for advertisers to push their products and services directly to a targeted consumer

How can we capture the decisions we make from this information to improve our own lives?

We are already capturing our information from our wearable devises. Through our Fitbit, FUEL, or JAWBONE apps we see information at close to real-time and at real-time when we have versions of these devises with displays. However, when it comes to making decisions with this data, now that’s the next step!

Is Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) the key to taking control of our personal information created by these devises? I would say YES! Having a PKM app add-on to help you manage the information from your wearable tech will contribute to leveraging this information to capture decisions that will contribute to what you should eat, wear, understanding road conditions when jogging, and a host of health related decisions (to name a few) can be managed. (See my previous post on PKM)

I’m sure that there are many more questions that we can ask our selves as well as questions we have for the companies that produce products, software and services in this market. So let me hear those questions so we can start finding answers…

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