Introducing Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management in Practice. This is the 2nd edition of my latest book Knowledge Management in Practice. This edition will be available last quarter 2020 or first quarter 2021. The following are a sneak peak at the details of this book.

Brief Description

AI is disrupting a wide range of organizations and industries. As organizations embark on implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategies and solutions Knowledge Management (KM) has become a necessary component to the success of AI. The  2nd edition of Knowledge Management in Practice provides the foundational guidance and best practices on how leveraging KM, organizations will bring about AI adoption and integration. KM will facilitate AI by solving the right problem aided by knowing how knowledge flows, how it is consumed and how it’s used.

In-depth book description

Since the first edition of Knowledge Management (KM) in Practice was published in July of 2016 KM has evolved tremendously. This evolution has been fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically Machine Learning (ML).  AI has brought about the transformation of products, services and processes. At the core of this transformation is knowledge. Understanding how knowledge flows throughout the organization, the knowledge needs of workers, and how workers obtain knowledge is central to AI adoption and Integration.

AI is also having an impact on the workforce. This impact is realized from eliminating some jobs, changing the skills needed to perform the job, as well as creating new jobs. The impact on the workforce does not stop there! AI is creating new ways workers are trained as well as how workers are recruited and hired. KM will be an essential facilitator for the adoption of AI to be successful in situations where it is impacting the workforce. KM will be needed to assess the gaps in knowledge created by AI. KM will also be needed to determine what knowledge the new workforce will need and how it should be accessed and applied to accomplish tasks.

In the  2nd edition of Knowledge Management in Practice I will review all current chapters making any necessary updates and adding a case study at the end of industry specific chapters. This addition will include the following new chapters; Developing and Operationalizing your KM Strategy, providing foundational and practical guidance and a case study;  Knowledge-as-a-Service, this framework integrates KM and AI to deliver knowledge services; Aligning your KM and AI Strategies, detailing the key areas of a KM and AI strategies and how they integrate; and In-depth Review and Analysis of the recently released ISO Knowledge Management Standard. The 2nd Edition will include a total of four 4 new chapters with approximately 150 new pages of content.

Five Highlights of the book

  • Detailed examination on the integration of KM and AI through Knowledge-as-a-Service
  • Analysis on AI and KM Strategy Integration
  • Latest KM Best Practices
  • Analysis and Application of the ISO Knowledge Management Standard
  • Practical KM Strategy Development and Operationalization

Sample List of Chapters/Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – The Case for Knowledge Management

Chapter 3 – Being Social – KM and Social Media

Chapter 4 – Dude Where’s My Car: Utilizing AI Powered Search in KM

Chapter 5 – The Age of Discovery: KM/AI in Research Institutions

Chapter 6 – Where has all my Experts Gone? –  KM/AI in Human Resources and Talent Management

Chapter 7 – Sound the Alarm! – KM/AI in Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

Chapter 8 – Happily Ever After – KM/AI in Mergers and Acquisitions

Chapter 9 – Is there a Doctor in the house? – KM/AI in Healthcare

Chapter 10 – Show Me the Money!  –  KM/AI in Finance

Chapter 11 – Are You in Good Hands? –  KM/AI in Insurance

Chapter 12 – Sign Right Here! – KM/AI in the Legal Profession

Chapter 13 – A mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste! – Understanding the Knowledge Gaps with AI Adoption

Chapter 14 – Big Knowledge! KM/AI in Big Data Analytics

Chapter 15 – What have you done for the War Fighter Today? – KM/AI in the Military

Chapter 16 – Developing and Operationalizing your KM Strategy

Chapter 17 – Knowledge-as-a-Service

Chapter 18 – Aligning your KM and AI Strategies

Chapter 19 – Review and Analysis – ISO Knowledge Management Standard

Chapter 20 – Drinking the KM Kool-Aid: Knowledge Management Adoption

Chapter 21 – Failure is Not an Option: Why AI/KM Projects Fail

Chapter 22 – Summary

Let me know what you think of what this book will contain… Looking forward to your comments!

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